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1333 Atlantic Avenue
Atlantic City
New Jersey
United States
+1 (609) 345-6700

County Departments

Department of Executive and Administrator - (609) 343-2203

Division of Facilities Management

Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs

Office of Internal Audit

Capital Planning & Property Management

Office of the Treasurer

Office of Communications

Office of Veterans Services

Department of Administrative Services - (609) 343-2289

Division of Budget & Purchasing

Division of Human Resources

Office of Equal Opportunity

Xổ số long nhãn 30 ngàyDivision of Information Technologies

Xổ số long nhãn 30 ngàyRecords Management

Department of Family and Community Development - (609) 343-2377

Division of Economic Assistance

Department of Human Services - (609) 645-5930

Division of Intergenerational Services

Division of Public Health

Environmental Health Unit

Substance Abuse Service Unit

Animal Shelter

Office of Support Services

Meadowview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Department of Law - (609) 343-2279

Office of the Adjuster and Claims Office

Xổ số long nhãn 30 ngàyFor consumer affairs - visit for more information or to file a complaint.

Department of Public Safety - (609) 645-5855

Division of Adult Detention

Office of Emergency Preparedness

Office of Highway Safety

Police Training Center

Youth Detention

Department of Public Works - (609) 645-5898 or (609) 645-5830 (dispatch)

Division of Parks

Division of Roads & Bridges

Office of Fleet Management

Office of Mosquito Control

Department of Regional Planning and Development - (609) 645-5898

Division of Engineering

Office of Geographic Information Systems

Office of Land Acquisition

Office of Policy and Planning

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