National Aviation Research and Technology Park

Xổ số long nhãn 30 ngàyNational Aviation Research and Technology Park

- A private sector directed, nonprofit economic development corporation that was established for business attraction, retention, and marketing efforts in Atlantic County.

Xổ số long nhãn 30 ngày - Atlantic County's multi-purpose financing, development and project management agency whose primary purpose is to plan, finance and construct public improvements.

- Learn about recruitment services and flexible hiring incentives available to Atlantic County employers.

- If you are starting a non-incorporated business in Atlantic County, you must register the name of your business with the County Clerk. The fee for filing a Business Trade Name certificate is $50.00.

- This inventory provides a partial list of available properties in Atlantic County based on submissions of local realtors.

Doing Business with the County - Atlantic County government is committed to procuring necessary goods and services through a competitive process in which a large number of qualified vendors can participate.

Xổ số long nhãn 30 ngày - Preparing for a disaster is the most effective way for you, your family and your business to prevail and overcome the effects of a disaster.

- Steps for starting a business in Atlantic County.

Xổ số long nhãn 30 ngày - Offers a specialized collection of print and online business resources to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Xổ số long nhãn 30 ngày - The Workforce Development Board maintains partnerships between the public and private sector at the county level to deliver a workforce prepared for employment in today's evolving economy.

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